Resilience & Recovery
for Maritime Minds

Seafaring is one of the most challenging occupations in the world.

Like many other places of work, it can offer a good basis for positive mental health, through providing an income, a routine and structure, as well as a personal identity and opportunities to grow and learn, alongside others from around the world.

Unlike many occupations however, for those at sea, psychological well-being can be compromised by other factors such as long hours, isolation, physically risky and challenging environment and separation from loved ones.

The risk of receiving or witnessing a personal injury is relatively high in maritime industries, placing seafarers, and shore-based personnel involved in investigations and support following critical incidents, at added risk of psychological trauma.

The personal, social and commercial impact of poor psychological health at sea can be significant.

Seaways Psychology Services
is part of the solution

We provide end-to-end psychological support for the maritime industries. We support you in your maritime business, helping you materialise your commitment:

to protect the psychological health of seafarers and shore-based staff

to provide the necessary input to help them recover when required

to build resilience within challenging workplace environments

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