As a successful business in the maritime industry,
you recognise that your crew and staff are a key asset.

You appreciate the importance of the well-being of your crew and shore-based staff,  just as you have well-established planned maintenance programmes for your vessels.

Seaways Psychology Services provides the following comprehensive, end-to-end continuum of psychological services for the maritime industries:-

Corporate Consultation

Consultation to your business planners regarding your corporate psychological well-being and critical incident response strategy.

Crisis Intervention & Stress Management (CISM)

Professionally-trained, Crisis Intervention and Stress Management response team to support crew and staff in the immediate aftermath of a critical incident, on-board or on-shore.

Psychological Resilience

Protection and Prevention for staff and crew who deal with particularly stressful challenges as part of their role.

Psychological Recovery

Evidence-based psychological therapies, with face-to-face, on-line and digital solutions, tailored to the needs of your business and individual crew and staff, at all levels.

Expert Witness

Expert witness psychological assessment and reports where required.

Seaways Psychology Services can help you to ensure that your people are prepared, protected and supported in their role, therefore minimising disruption to your business.