In collaboration with our expert partners, Seaways Psychology Services can work with you to analyse the unique aspects of your maritime business that present a risk of critical incident and human distress.

Building on a clear view of any specific gaps and limitations in policy and procedure, Seaways Psychology Services will produce a bespoke report with detailed recommendations for how those potential gaps in an effective corporate response to human impact of critical incidents can be minimised.

We can then work with you to implement those policy and procedure changes, ensuring your corporate psychological well-being and response strategy meets with ISO 22330: Guidelines for People Aspects of Business Continuity. 

Follow up is offered to review with you the impact of your new standard operating procedures and their fit within your organisation.

What are the Benefits?

Gain a clear understanding of your maritime company’s psychological risks.

Feel confident that your policies and procedures will ensure you can proactively manage and respond to psychological risk and need in your crew and workforce.

Achieve concordance with the ISO 22330 guidance for People Aspects of Business Continuity.

Speak to us to discuss how Seaways Psychology Services can support your maritime business’s commitment to positive mental health.