At Seaways Psychology Services, we want to be part of a much needed and urgent solution.

“It is a sad fact that despite the many advances in the area of seafarer welfare in the last 30 years, the number of seafarers suffering from mental illness is on the rise. There is a pressing need to address this problem.” ISWAN, 2018

Psychological Assessment for the Maritime Industry

Seaways Psychology Services can offer a professional, clinical psychological assessment for crew members or shore-based staff to help with an understanding of an individual’s difficulties.

Sensitive to the needs and work context of the crew or staff member, we can provide an assessment and a report, advising on the nature of the difficulties concerned and provide recommendations and guidance regarding possible psychological therapy and any on-going support – on-board or in the workplace – that can move the individual towards recovery and positive psychological well-being.

Evidence-Based Psychological Therapies for the Maritime Industry

Seaways Psychology Services offer a broad range of evidence-based psychological therapies and provide support for crew and shore-based staff who are suffering from traumatic stress, anxiety, low mood or other distress, whether following on from a work-place situation or indeed relating to issues outside of the ship or workplace.

We do this via our network of highly qualified and experienced psychologists and psychological therapists, who we hand-pick to ensure that all are appropriately trained, accredited by recognised professional bodies and in receipt of regular clinical supervision.

Beyond the scope of generic employee assistance schemes, Seaways Psychology Services are tailored to the maritime industry, and the specific needs of the individual crew member or shore-based colleague.

Seaways Psychology Services associates appreciate the issues that people come across in maritime industries and the complexities involved in ensuring recovery and achieving personal well-being. All associates are supported through consultation and training with our Maritime Director, to ensure that knowledge and understanding of the context of their work is maintained and developed.

As well as face to face, we offer therapies and support via email, Skype or Zoom, via telephone, and via digital apps, e.g KRTS Power to Recover®.

What are the Benefits?

Accessible evidence-based psychological therapy – face to face, on-line and digital solutions.

Highly qualified, accredited psychologists and psychological therapists, knowledgeable about maritime contexts, and clinically managed by a Consultant Clinical Psychologist.

Therapies fit around individual needs – we do not offer generic, off-the-peg counselling.

Please contact us for more details about these therapies and to discuss how we might help you or your organisation.